Aviation Industry

Our company has been packaging the parts of the air defense industry since 2009. Due to the very high costs of the manufactured parts, the packaging we have designed ensures the full safety of the products produced and prevents our valued customers from facing any possible grievances.

Furniture Industry

In order to prevent the products used in the furniture industry from breaking, crushing and damaging the transports, you can transport your furniture without any damage with the angle brackets and alternative packaging products we have available. You can contact us to get help with packaging before shipping your products.

Ceramics Industry

We share with you our solutions that will eliminate the problems of Porcelain Tile and Ceramic products, especially in international shipments. You will no longer be confused about the products you send abroad.

Weapons Industry

Contact us for your needs for specially designed interior foams and carrying bags that will fit perfectly into gun bags and protect the gun and spare parts from impacts, water and moisture.

Sports Industry

Floor Pads, Yoga Mats, Shock Absorbing Pads, Life Jackets, Grass Carpet Underground Mattress, Swimming Board.

Glass Industry

Please consult us before shipping your precious glass products.

Construction Industry

In addition to the standard foams used in sound and heat insulation, new generation and longer-lasting alternative solutions, sound insulation materials and floor coverings specially manufactured for studios and sports halls, solutions that will ensure that water pipes and natural gas pipes are not affected by external factors. We are ready to produce soft material alternatives to be used on the floors of school gardens, playgrounds, playgrounds and to produce solutions in many other areas.

Automotive industry

We would like to share with you our innovative designs for packaging and packaging of spare parts and accessories in the automotive industry. Contact us to avoid standard problems during the transportation of your valuable products.

Photography Industry

You can carry it safely in your bag by making a special foam design for your camera and camcorders. You can see our old works or we can help you by making special draft works.

Packaging Industry

Contact us about the supply of all the packaging materials we need. You just decide what you need and we’ll provide it.

Electronics Industry

We offer solutions that eliminate the problems experienced in the shipping of computers, electronic equipment and spare parts.

White Goods Sector

We eliminate the problems experienced in the shipment of your products with our permanent (to be used again and again) packaging designs so that the white goods are not damaged during their transportation both after the sale and after the purchase.